Cradyl is a business run solely by me, Catherine Meier. I like making things, and in addition to working in design, I am also a multi-media visual artist.

I have worked professionally as a designer since 2002, when I started working for the New Media Center at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. There I worked in teams with computer programmers to create websites for academic research and educational departments and projects. I began the job as a college student and so thoroughly enjoyed it that I continued working as a freelance designer throughout graduate school and beyond. Since then my portfolio has grown to span many media – print, motion, and web design. Projects have included websites for professors, artists, and non-profits; a five-year project cataloging the life’s work of the late Bryan Rogers, former dean of the School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan; several projects for the Tweed Museum of Art including printed catalogs, Teacher’s Guides, a website for the Perspectives and Parallels Project, and two video animations; and a website overhaul for the UMD Department of Education. I hold a BFA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in Art, and a MFA from the University of Michigan in Art & Design.

It should probably be noted that prior to my academic life, I worked for seven years as an owner-operator truck driver hauling cattle throughout the Great Plains. That experience provides a unique perspective onto work and life that I value every day. The Plains also greatly affected my life’s work as an artist. You can see more about that here:

As both a designer and an artist, I am a highly creative and critical thinker with an exacting attention to detail. I come from an interdisciplinary background and enjoy engaging with people whose areas of expertise, technical language, and life experiences vary widely from my own. I love design, and consider the often puzzle-solving nature of design to be a fun challenge. It is also a practice that comes with tangible, concrete outcomes that satisfy my desire to make things.

I also really enjoy time not on my computer! I spend most of my free time hiking or camping, and I love travel – especially to countries where I cannot speak the language and don’t know what I am eating.


And what about Cradyl? Well, I think about it this way:

cra·dle cra·dyl n

1.     a small bed, usually on rockers, with enclosing sides, used for a baby

2.     the place where something begins or develops in its early stages

3.     the part of a telephone on which the handset rests or hangs

4.     a flat board on wheels or casters on which a mechanic can slide under a vehicle.

Also called creeper

5.     a framework for supporting something, for example, a ship that is being built or repaired.  Also called rocker


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